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The municipality of Herrljunga, as it is at present, was formed in 1974 by a fusion of the municipality of Gäsene and the municipality of Herrljunga. The municipality has an area of 509 square kilometres and the number of inhabitants was on January 1st , 9428 people.
The most populated centres are Herrljunga and Ljung-Annelund. Herrljunga is the central place of the municipality.

The municipality of Herrljunga is a part of the county of Västra Götaland in which Gothenburg is the most important and the biggest city. Cities quite close to Herrljunga are Borås (approx. 45 kilometres from the village of Herrljunga), Alingsås. Falköping and Ulricehamn.

Herrljunga offers very good train communications and is considered a principal junction for train services. You can reach Herrljunga from Stockholm in 2,5 hours and from Gothenburg in less than one hour.

A large number of people in the area are employed in the manufacturing industry. Quite a few of them live in the countryside.

The local government activities mainly comprehend education and care services making up approx. 75 % of the budget. About 700 people are employed by the municipality.
A map showing the location of the municipality and the two major population centres can be found under "kartor".

Information about places of interest you will find under Turistinfo i Herrljunga kommun.opens in new window Further information about events in the municipality of Herrljunga you will find under "Det händer i Herrljunga". This information is in Swedish language.

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